Long Term Care

Long Term Care

Commitment To Service:

“Large enough to provide excellent service, small enough to remember your name.”

At DuBois Drug & Wellness we specialize in servicing personal care homes and assisted living facilities. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of these types of homes. We pride ourselves in getting to know your staff and understanding the unique challenges they face in caring for your residents.

DuBois Drug & Wellness is an independent retail pharmacy that focuses on providing excellent service for Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities. The pharmacy has been servicing homes for over 13 years and our staff has over 100 years in combined pharmacy experience. We want to be your partner in caring for your residents. We understand your time is valuable and is better spent caring for residents. That is why when you call us with questions, our staff is always readily available to answer questions and address any concerns giving you more time to care for your residents.

LTC Specific Programs:

Free Diabetic Supply Program – Every diabetic resident will be supplied with a meter and strips free of charge. Regular lancets and lancing devices are also free. Safety lancets are available for $8/100.

$2.00 OTC Medication Formulary – We have a list of over 30 popular OTC medications and supplements that we provide to your residents for $2.00 per fill potentially saving your residents money.

Cart Audits – One of our pharmacy staff will come onsite to preform a cart audit at your request or on a scheduled based on your facility’s needs.

Free eMAR – We provide eMAR free of charge.

Emergency Services -We offer emergency service Saturdays 1pm to 5pm and Sundays 12pm to 5pm. We also offer emergency service on all holidays except Thanksgiving are Christmas. You can relax knowing you can reach a member of our staff after hours in the event of an emergency.

ALF Care Services – A complete package of services for your staff including training and consultations. Coming Summer 2020. Contact us for more details.