Multi-Dose Pill Packaging

DuBois Drug & Wellness Medication Compliance Packaging Program

Remembering to take your medications is crucial to your health.

At DuBois Drug & Wellness, we will make it as easy as possible for you or your loved ones to stay compliant with your medications. That is why we offer medication compliance packaging to all our customers FREE OF CHARGE!

Not only do we package your medications, we offer discounts on supplements that we can include in the packaging. We can also deliver your medications right to your home or work FREE OF CHARGE.

It is just another way DuBois Drug & Wellness looks out for your well-being and another way that allows us to say, DuBois Drug & Wellness, Your Community, Your Health, Your Pharmacy”.

How It Works:

  1. Pick the type of packaging that best suits your needs.
    1. Dispill Multi Dose Packaging system
    2. Multi Dose Blister Pack (7 or 30 day)
    3. Single Dose Blister Pack (14 or 30 day)
  2. Pharmacy manages your prescription filling and refill requests to you doctor*.
  3. Pharmacy will provide a current list of medications every month so you always have an up to date list.
  4. Pharmacy will actively manage your profile to look for ways to save money or make your medication profile more efficient upon request.
  5. Patients have access to our $2.00 OTC medication list. Just another way to help save you money and keep you healthy.
  6. Patients have access to our FREE Diabetic Supply Program.
  7. Patients receive a 20% discount on blood pressure monitoring kits
  8. FREE DELIVERY - Finally, we offer free delivery to customers in our area who sign up for our Medication Compliance Packaging Program. We offer delivery to a large area Free of charge. Ask our pharmacists for details.

*We will contact you if refill requests are denied. Patient must adhere to all doctor’s appointments. Failure to do so may interrupt service